Ramayana : Story of Rama and Shinta

Get inspired by the story of Ramayana, where Rama was an incarnation of God Krishna who looking for her wife, Shinta, that kidnapped by evil Rahwana, evil giant from Ngalengka. On his adventure to save Shinta, a white miracle monkey called Anoman come and help him. It’s not that easy to save Shinta, Rahwana troops would always hunting for Rama and Anoman. There would be stats and equipment that Rama can upgrades by collecting wisdom point and trade it on the wisdom shop. In order to save Shinta, Rama have to destroy all of the Rahwana troops and defeat the boss, Rahwana.

Through this game, we want to pursue the player to do kindness / goodness in the real world. This game will showing us, the players, words of wisdom by collecting certain items. We believe with this way we can achieve what we want to achieve, pursue the players to do goodness. Beside, this game contains traditional and famous-cultural indonesian story, Ramayana. We want to give education outside the textbooks. We believe that the interest of traditional puppets would be increased.

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Code by me, artworks by Husein Ali , and the music I borrowed from Yoga from Entrhean.


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